Angela C. Brock, LCSW, LMFT, MBA

Angela C. Brock-Fern Creek location 


**Not accepting new clients.**Angela Brock, LCSW, LMFT, MBA, is the Founder and Clinical Director of Brock Family Therapy Center, Inc. She has over 20 years of experience working with...

Avani Goodloe

Avani Goodloe LMFT-Springhurst location 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/Assistant Clinical Director 

**Limited availability for new clients**Every person is unique in their own way, and as such, so are their problems. Therapy is a unique and special journey for every individual and couple, and it is my job to make sure I am there to help guide clients through this life experience. I strive to help individuals and couples break free from their feelings of despair, dissatisfaction, and dismay and regain or gain a sense of control, peace, and wholeness. I specialize in couples counseling helping partners find resolutions to their issues or concerns, while also developing/improving each individual's listening and communication skills.

My goal in therapy is to help an individual or couple understand their situation, explore changes they may want to make, and to work with them to find the means and resources to make it a reality.

It is a privilege to work in a field I love, and there is nothing more I would like better than an opportunity to help you find peace and a sense of relief in your life.

Avani accepts all insurances except Cigna. Private pay is at $150/session. 

Rachel Gilbert

RACHEL GILBERT-Fern Creek location 


**Accepting new clients.**Rachel joined Brock Family Therapy Center in November of 2016. She has over 10 years of experience working with couples and families in various settings. She worked most recently in another private practice setting in another city in Kentucky. Originally from Spencer County, Rachel understands the dynamics faced when working in a smaller community. Rachel has the experience to help you and your family learn how to reduce conflict and build better relationships. 

Rachel loves couples and families! She is able to accepts all insurances except Cigna. We do not bill insurance for couples counseling. She is also able to accept private pay clients at $150/session. We do not bill insurance for couples counseling. 

Geoff Elmore

Geoff Elmore-Virtual Only


**Accepting new clients via telehealth**It is my deep belief that we each strive to be our best selves. This journey can be difficult and requires that we are able to recognize our own personal strengths and values. This is where I begin treatment with the clients presenting problem guiding services.

No matter what issue a client struggles with its my job to assist them in setting goals that are achievable and time sensitive. Improving ones quality of life satisfaction is the general goal of most clients, the semantics of making that happen will very greatly. I specialize in ACT, CBT, and Strengths Based approaches.

I hope to hear from you soon. I know building a trusting relationship with a therapist can be uncomfortable. It is my job to earn your trust and I look forward to that opportunity.

Geoff accepts all insurances except Cigna. His private pay rate is at $150 per session.

Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy-Virtual Only


**Not accepting any new clients.**Megan sees a variety of adult clients but specializes in treating women, particularly those struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety. She also has experience treating those experiencing domestic violence or intimate partner violence and with survivors of various types of trauma.

As her primary method of intervention, Megan uses EMDR therapy for depression, anxiety and PTSD. EMDR helps the brain process memories and experiences to find healing and peace. It is well-supported by research and even used by the Veterans Administration for PTSD. EMDR can provide fast relief for phobias, flashbacks, general anxiety and more. Megan also uses ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) in her practice.

Megan has a warm and open approach, seeking to make therapy as comfortable a process as possible.

Megan can accept all insurances except Cigna and takes private pay at $150/session.

Stephanie Walker

Stephanie Walker-Virtual Only


**Accepting new clients.**Limiting self beliefs, broken communication patterns, nonexistent self-esteem, and unclear personal goals will affect the decisions you make and the actions you take.If you are ready to start working on making changes in your life, you are in the right place! I am here to help you through whatever challenges you are facing. I see many client's that are suffering from but are not limited to anxiety, depression, mood disorders, addiction, anger management, and overall life stressors. The most important part of a therapist-client relationship is trust. I take pride in my work, and I guarantee the best quality services to my clients.

I have over 15 years of clinical experience working with adults. Although I often take a cognitive behavioral approach I also believe in the power of action methods to help clients work through the most challenging stages of their lives and tailor my modalities to meet my clients individual needs.

Your best “you” is right around the corner. Now is a good time to get the help you need. You no longer have to struggle alone. I am here to support you in your journey of healing and growth.

Stephanie accepts all insurances except Cigna. Private pay is $150/session.

Tiffany Pierson

Tiffany Pierson-Fern Creek location 


**Accepting new clients.** I'm a lifelong Louisville resident that currently resides in Jeffersontown with my partner and our cat Professor Pierre. I'm a M.Ed. Counseling and Human Development student with Lindsey Wilson College. As someone that, at different times in my life, has sought out therapy I can appreciate how difficult taking that first step to reach out can be. I enjoy working with teens and young adults but will be happy to work with a wide-range of populations and adjust my treatment modalities to meet individual needs. I believe in a client/therapist relationship that helps you to be your best "you" by nurturing the tools and skills that already exist and helping you build a bigger "tool box" to work with.

“Most often, positive change and progression are more attainable when there is compassionate help and guidance along the way. Having a trusted friend who helps you stay accountable to yourself where goals are concerned, is often an important key to bettering your life and the relationships within. Allowing an educated professional to assist you on your journey is not only highly proactive, but also wise as you reach toward a greater degree of knowledge, growth and satisfaction.

Tiffany accepts all insurances except Cigna. Her private pay rate is $150/session. 

Heather Mitchell

Heather Mitchell-Fern Creek location


**Not accepting new clients." 

“When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” - Fred Rogers

I know that talking about feelings can seem like a difficult thing to do, but it is my desire to provide a warm, safe, understanding opportunity for you to share your feelings, and for you to know that you are doing so with someone who is attentive, caring, empathetic and sincere in my desire to come alongside and help you. I know that life can be overwhelming, all the more so during these times, and it is my desire to help you experience life to the fullest. I believe everyone has value and a purpose and I would love the chance to help you discover yours.

As a wife and mother to six children ranging in ages from 5 to 25, I have been through many stages of life and am eager to join you in your journey as well. I work with children, youth, adults, couples/families dealing relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. I believe everyone has a story to share and would love to be a listening ear as you share yours.

Heather can accept all insurances except Cigna. Her private pay rate is  $150/session.

Katie Jacoby

Katie Jacoby-Fern Creek location 


**Not accepting new clients.**Therapy is a safe place where individuals can be open and talk about their life and situations that may be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss. I take pride in meeting the client where they are in their journey of life. A main goal of mine is making the client feel comfortable and secure and to help them understand their situation. Most of my experience is working with kids and teenagers helping them navigate through life circumstances and assisting them with setting goals for sustainable change that they want to make.

The main therapy technique that I use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a type of talk therapy that can help people of all ages, including younger children and teens. CBT differs from other therapy approaches by focusing on the ways that and individuals’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected, and how they each affect one another.

Kate accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial and Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session. 

Sara Carey

Sara Carey-Springhurst location 

Licensed Professional Counseling Associate 

**Not accepting new clients.**Sara specializes in treating children 5+, adolescents and adults who may be struggling with anxiety, trauma, familial issues or life transitions. Sara has a strong focus on the client/therapist relationship and seeks to meet the client where they are at in their journey, while providing tools and education to help overcome obstacles and make lasting changes.

Additionally, Sara specializes in equine-assisted psychotherapy through her own private practice and offers a unique experience to clients by combining her knowledge of counseling with over two decades of experience in the equine industry. Click here for more information.

Sara’s credentials include a Masters in Counseling and Human Development from Lindsey Wilson College and Natural Lifemanship Level 1 trained.

Sara is a Louisville, KY native and is married to her husband who she’s been with for over a decade. She has two young children who are her greatest pride and joy. Sara enjoys taking walks with her family, spending time with the horses, and reading.

Sara accepts all KY medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial and Aetna Commercial.  She can also take private pay at $100/session.

Jacob Hass

Jacob Hass-Fern Creek location 


**Accepting new clients.**Struggling with a problem or relationship? Tired of feeling the same way and repeating the same old patterns? Need more self confidence or want to feel more hopeful about your future? Helping you cope with stressors, navigating difficult transitions, and providing guidance in which you can feel more in control of your life is a key focus of my therapy. Through my goal oriented approach, I help clients find the tools and discover coping strategies to feel better and strengthen their supports. I have expertise in working with individuals, marriages/couples, parents, and families.

I am licensed in KY as a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, and work with all those in coupled relationships. Helping clients build competencies and cope successfully with anxiety and stress is critical. Individual counseling is also offered.

Jacob accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session. (Jacob should be able to take more commercial and Medicare plans Summer 2024.)

Kelsey Hill

Kelsey Hill-Fern Creek location 

Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

**Accepting new clients**Hi! I am Kelsey, a recent graduate from the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work and Family Sciences. Go Cards! I earned a dual Master’s in Social Work and Couple and Family Therapy. I have a pit mix named Maya Lou, named after one of my role models Maya Angelou. When I'm not playing with my dog, you can find me reading, making art, or crocheting.

My approach to therapy is to create a safe place to collab with clients and assist them in accomplishing goals. I have experience working in a community and hospital setting, treating individuals of all ages. My therapy lens leans toward Attachment Theory and Emotion-Focused Therapy. I have attended training for Emotional Focus Family Therapy. I am not limited to that lens and work to find the best approach for each individual, couple, or family.

" People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou."

Kelsey accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session.

Terrell Crossland

Terrell Crossland-Fern Creek location 


**Accepting new clients.**As a clinician, I serve all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religious/spiritual affiliation/beliefs, gender, and sexual orientation. As a black clinician, I strive to destroy the stigma of mental health, especially within the black/African American community.

As a black male clinician, I understand the unique and systemic challenges and barriers we face every day and how our mental health is adversely affected by these experiences.

Terrell accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session.

Chelsea Barth

Chelsea Barth-Fern Creek location 


**Not accepting new clients.**My goal is to partner with clients to provide a positive therapeutic experience that promotes overall health and wellness. My client-centered approach is grounded in three E's: Empathy, Education, and Empowerment. I believe exercising empathy to develop a safe space will allow for therapeutic moments to unfold that will provide powerful insight for the client. Once a safe and trusting environment is established, together we can utilize professional education and personal enlightenment to maximize understanding and identify healthy practices. Combining empathy and education during therapy empowers individuals to achieve sustainable change and to flourish holistically.

I am a certified social worker with experience working in higher education, community mental health, and within the public school system. I have experience providing care to both children and adults. I am a Louisville native that enjoys traveling, hiking and reading.

Chelsea accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session.

Megan Cantwell-Blevins

Megan Cantwell-Blevins-Fern Creek location 

CSW, marriage and family therapy associate

**Accepting new clients.**We are all trying to do our best, but sometimes we need a little help in order to grow, change, and achieve our goals. I work to create a non-judgmental space and to create genuine connection in order to help you do that. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families and hold a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work.

My specializations include working with issues of infidelity within couples, life transitions, grief, chronic pain concerns, depression, and anxiety. I utilize a person-centered approach with modalities including Emotionally Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, among others.

Megan accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session.

Marissa Barton

Marissa Barton-Springhurst location 


**Accepting new clients.**While therapy can be scary to dive into, I strive to make my office a safe place where clients can explore their feelings, thoughts, and problems in a meaningful and productive way. I believe in working collaboratively with the client to assist in creating attainable goals and exploring potential barriers, strengths, and solutions. I have the strong belief that every person is capable of change and shifting their lives to be how they have always dreamed it to be, which is why I allow the client to be the expert in their own lives. I act as a guide to get you or your family to where they would like to be.

I enjoy working with children ages 5+, teenagers, young adults, couples, and families. In doing so it is my goal to create strong therapeutic bonds with each of my clients to build trust and a commitment to change. In addition, I believe in the importance of expanding the client system and the impact of family and environment on clients. As a therapist working with a unique and diverse client base, I use varying techniques such as play therapy techniques, art therapy techniques, narrative therapy techniques, CBT techniques, DBT techniques, solution-focused techniques, and emotionally focused techniques.

Marissa can take all of the KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial, and private pay at $100/session.

Kayla Brock-Provencher

Kayla Brock-Provencher-Fern Creek location 

CSW, Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

**Accepting new clients.**Therapy is not one quick fix; it is a process that requires effort and motivation on the side of the client and the therapist. I view therapy as a collaborative process to help a client grow, see the changes they want to see, and accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. I strive to ensure that each client feels that my office is safe and a comforting space in which they can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I believe everyone should have a choice in who they have as a therapist, and that the therapeutic relationship is essential for any change to occur.

I enjoy working with children ages 5+, teenagers, and young adults. I also explore a systemic lens by integrating and facilitating family work and couple’s therapy. Additionally, I have a unique understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and their experiences. I utilize varying techniques from a Common Factors Integration lens such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Techniques, Solution-Focused Therapy Techniques, Internal Family Systems Techniques, and many more. I choose each model and intervention specific to the client, as there is not one size fits all for therapy. 

 Kayla can accept all the KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial, and private pay at $100/session.

Anne Redmon

Anne Redmon-Fern Creek location 

Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (pending, should be issued Summer 2024)

**Accepting new clients.**I graduated from the couples and family therapy program at UofL in May 2024. My approach to therapy is to create a safe space for clients to tell their story and freely express their emotions without judgment. I have experience working at a foster care agency, as well as the public school system. I have mainly worked with teenagers thus far, but I am also interested in working with adults of all ages. I am passionate about working with individuals, couples, and families. I am still in the process of learning who I am as a therapist, but so far, my theoretical orientation includes a mixture of Narrative Therapy and Collaborative Language Systems. I am not limited to these models and believe it is vital to take an integrative approach and find what works best for the needs of each individual client. Above all, what I think is most important in the therapy room is fostering a strong therapeutic alliance with clients.

In my free time, I enjoy playing with my pets, spending time with my loved ones, traveling, reading, spending time outdoors, attending concerts and festivals, and watching my favorite TV shows.

Anne can accept all KY medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial and Aetna Commercial. Her private pay rate is $100/session. 

Bayli Aycock

Bayli Aycock-Springhurst location 


**Accepting new clients.**Hello! My name is Bayli. I always strive to create an environment where the client feels safe, accepted, heard, and respected. It feels like an honor to guide a client through difficult times because it requires a high level of trust. Therapy is a collaborative process and I am passionate about helping clients create, achieve, and maintain their therapeutic goals. Life can be stressful for anyone, and I aim to help clients cope through the stressors that arise. I like to incorporate techniques from different modalities such as cognitive behavior therapy, narrative therapy, and family systems therapy, however, every individual is different, and I work to utilize the best approach for the client. Overall, you can expect me to provide support, strength, and empathy regardless of personal differences. I have experience working with children, teens, and adults.

Bayli accepts all KY Medicaid plans, Anthem Commercial, Aetna Commercial and private pay at $100/session.